sicilian home decor


Our company, Sicilian Home Decor, imports decorative home décor and ceramics from Southern Italy. We are proud to introduce to our valuable customers the splendor of the Sicilian artistic ceramic, a unique product which comes from a land rich in sunlight, history and traditions.

Enriched by several different civilizations who once dominated the island, these masterpieces are created by the expert hands of the most famous local artisans. This tradition is handed down from fathers to sons over hundreds of years, resulting in some of the most colorful and eye-catching expressions of this popular art.

Available in an extraordinary variety of shapes such as vases, dishes, lamps and tiles, these decorative ceramics will bring to your home the warmth of this wonderful ancient region.

We welcome you to experience the beauty of this noble art for yourself via our website or you may book a visit to our San Diego showroom.

- Sicilian Home Decor

sicilian home decor
sicilian home decor sicilian home decor